Food Flagship Support Officer (Schools)


Food Flagship Support Officer (Schools)
Contract currently 3 months
£17.67 per hour

Our client is looking for an experienced Food Flagship Support Officer.

In common with many inner London boroughs, Lambeth’s population faces a number of challenges relating to the local food system including, food production, processing, procurement, distribution, consumption and with an impact on health and wellbeing. Over the past five years, extensive work has been taking place in the borough around food, childhood obesity as well as the engagement of the local community and partners.

In 2014, Lambeth was awarded Food Flagship Borough status by the Mayor of London following a competitive bidding process.

The Food Flagship Programme has been grant funded for two years and the Programme is due to end in January 2017. Outcomes from the Programme include a reduction in childhood obesity, improved educational attainment and a reduction in adult diabetes.

Locally, our vision for the Food Flagship Borough status is to help Lambeth residents to develop a love of healthy and sustainable food.

The “Lead Food Flagship Schools” project t is part of the Lambeth Food Flagship programme which was mandated to Lambeth Council by the London Food Board, Greater London Authority.

The Food Flagship Support Officer –schools- will be responsible for supporting the Programme Manager to deliver the ‘Lambeth Food School Plan’ across all schools in Lambeth, as set out in the successful bid application. The Food Flagship Support Officer will need to develop strong relationships with our schools.

The Independent School Food Plan, published in July 2013 is the seminal document from which the Flagship initiative has grown. The Independent School Food Plan has seventeen actions for government, Ofsted, the Plan’s authors and for Head teachers.

The Independent School Food Plan and Lambeth School Food Plan will be led and implemented by our Lead Food Flagship schools and a designated schools-facing Lambeth LA officer.

Lambeth Lead Food Flagship schools are located in four geographical areas of the Borough. This is due to the fact that schools belong to networks (cluster partnerships) of primary and secondary schools and therefore can influence the other schools in their partnerships. Schools also involve parents/carers in their work and provide workshops for families and are the places where the National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) is carried out and are therefore are the forefront of tackling obesity.

This programme will also focus on creating and implementing a local Lambeth School Food Plan which will embed actions in schools and embrace Lambeth’s Strategic priorities:
• A systemic shift towards prevention
• A community led infrastructure in place that understands and influences the food system
• A vibrant and prosperous food culture that promotes health and wellbeing

Links to GLA and Lambeth priorities:

• Contribute to the reduction in obesity by enhancing the role of schools in supporting Lambeth children and young people, their parents and local community in adopting and maintaining healthy eating behaviour
• Contribute to the reduction of adult type 2 diabetes
• Increase children’s attainment and academic performance
• Increase adults self-sufficiency through cooking programmes and decreased dependency upon food banks
• Improve employment prospects
• Support the introduction of free healthy school breakfasts on request