Food and Safety Team EHO


Food and Safety Team EHO
£24.39 per hour

Our client is looking for a registered, experienced Food and Safety Environmental Health Officer.

Must be EHORB registered and up to date food inspection experience within Local Government.
Preferred to have own FSA Competency Assessment already completed and available to view.

Ability to draft reports
Ability to give formal presentations and courses in relation to environmental health
Ability to negotiate with the public and business leaders
Ability to achieve deadlines
Attentive to detail
Ability to work with Microsoft products and a good understanding of the use of IT databases
Relevant experience of working within an Environmental Health Team
Evidence of professional competence post qualification
with demonstrated practical application
The nature of the post is such that it has a significant and tangible impact on the community in relation to public health by reducing health inequalities, encouraging people to adopt lifestyles which promote long-term health and by the creation and maintenance of a quality environment through the process of inspection, dealing with general enquiries from the public, and the implementation of local and national campaigns.

The nature of the job is such that the officer has to act on his/her own initiative and in so doing regularly exposes the Council to substantial liability in respect of costs associated with legal challenges.