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Put simply, when it comes to recruitment, we’re just the job! We’re experienced and we love it !

Here at Colbern Limited we have the know-how to locate the right person for the job, every time. We are a highly skilled recruitment agency with a strong history of delivering great results for both sides of the recruitment process. We have access to a wide range of positions all over the country, with a high concentration of posts in the capital.

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If you’re after your next big career break, Colbern Limited may be the place to look. We list jobs up and down the country, in industries spanning the public and private sectors, and covering full-time and part-time positions. Click below to find your perfect opportunity!

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Whether you’re an accountant, PA, engineer, broker, careers advisor or copywriter, we can help find you that permanent position you’ve been seeking. To apply for any job, all you have to do is fill out the form at the bottom of the job description, upload your CV, and we’ll do the rest.

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We provide jobs from local authorities on a contract basis, including administrative, secretarial, housing, benefits and revenues, finance, social workers, project and programme management and legal. We provide career opportunities to people who want to make a difference to their local area.

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If your firm is after a skilled individual to fill a certain role, we can help find you great candidates. We interview all potential candidates fully in order to discover their individual skill set and to place them correctly into the job market. We adopt an honest and personal approach to finding you the right candidate. We’ll listen fully to your needs and ensure that the individuals we put forward are fully compatible with your requirements. We won’t waste your time with candidates who aren’t qualified for the job.