Deciding on your career goals

If your career plans are currently in limbo, and you’re not sure which path to take next, it can be incredibly useful to take a moment to really reflect on what you want from a career. This includes deciding on your career goals. Having a clear outlook, with strong, achievable aims can help to make your dreams more attainable, and give you the confidence to make bold changes.

Tips for deciding on your career goals

When it comes to defining your career goals, there are a number of different ways to look at this, including:

  • Purpose- what is the real reason behind wanting to set career goals? This is the driving purpose that can spur you on through obstacles and issues that may arise. For some, the purpose is a higher salary for a better standard of living, while for others a more vocational career might be in mind, with the purpose of helping others.
  • Practicality- there are also practical ways to look at your career goals too. Perhaps you have practical restrictions or barriers, like balancing work and family life, or commuting distance or cost. In many cases, there are no options to avoid these barriers, and you will need to reflect on the type of career plans you can make with these barriers in mind.
  • Steps for success- it’s easy to think of large, umbrella career goals, like working for the biggest company, or securing a managerial potion. But when defining your career goals you really need to break these down into achievable goals. For example, you may need to learn a new skill or qualification in order to get a promotion, or you may need to start networking more effectively to build up career contacts.
  • Timeliness- when deciding on or defining career goals, it can also be beneficial to set deadlines or timelines for yourself. This is because most goals will need to be broken down into steps, as above, and each step needs an achievable timeline to keep you moving forward.

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