Choosing the right career path

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We’ve all been there. Feeling stuck in an unrewarding job, that does nothing to help improve your talents, skills or identity is tough. But you don’t have to stick with it. While you might need the wages to keep the roof over your head, your pay packet shouldn’t be the be all, and end all, of your career. In fact, simply by applying for a new job, you could raise your own aspirations, and your confidence. Which will definitely pay off in the interview process. So if you are stuck in a rut, why not take a look at finding the right career path. Here at Colbern Limited, we can help you do just that.

Considerations for choosing the right career path

To begin choosing the right career path, you first have to consider what is motivating you to make such a change. This could be:

  • Unrealised potential- do you feel like you have more to offer? Are your talents going to waste? If this is the case it is easy to become miserable and disappointed with work, but really, all you need is a new career. Look for jobs that use the talents you have, and spend some time getting your skills in this area up to date too.
  • Meaning- many of us need to find some meaning in our daily lives. Whether that is through our careers, or our activities outside of work, it’s still a key part of life. If your life is missing some meaning, a new job could help you find it. If you want to help others, or feel like your have a job that matters, look for more vocational careers involved in helping others.
  • Money- while we would never advise you to take a job based solely on money, it can be a very influential factor. And while your happiness at work might be more important than how much money you earn (teachers, social workers, and nurses know this all too well), its hard to be happy when you are constantly playing catch up with bills and debt. So if you can’t get enough hours at your current job, or you need more money, it might be a good time to switch career.

For more information about finding the right career path get in touch with Colbern Limited today. We can help you find the perfect job.