How much of your time is wasted failing to recruit?

Business managers and leaders across the local authority landscape know that recruitment can be a time-consuming process. However, if, at the end of it, you do find the level of candidates you wanted, and they are prepared to accept the position you offer, you can breathe a sigh of relief, glad that all that effort has been worthwhile.

How much worse does it feel after everything you’ve gone through if the process doesn’t deliver the results you’d hoped for? The thought of having to start again can make any day of the week seem like the bleakest of Mondays! Sadly, if understandably, whenever you advertise a vacancy generally in the media, many people who want a job, any job, will apply. They may not have the qualifications or skill sets you need, but you have to find this out for yourself as you try to separate the ‘possibles’ from the ‘nevers’.

This is why so many people in local authorities have come to trust the professional services we offer here at Colbern Limited. To put it simply, we do the hard work so that you don’t have to. Our experienced team work with candidates to assess the specific skill sets they possess. From this, we can carefully identify the candidates who are likely to be the ‘best fits’ for you.

When vacancies arise, we are in the position of knowing who is likely to best meet your needs. We regularly provide candidates for available roles within local authorities, including administrative or secretarial roles in housing, benefits and revenue areas. This is equally true if you are needing to fill positions involving finance, social work, and legal skills, or in programme and project management areas.

Using our highly experienced team here at Colbern Limited to access qualified candidates might easily be compared to finishing a jigsaw when someone else has already completed the difficult parts for you. This then means that your time invested in the recruitment process is more efficiently spent than if you had to start from scratch yourself each time any vacancy arose.