Writing an effective personal statement

To apply for some jobs, you will need to fill out a company application form. But for others, you will need to submit your CV. And while any potential interviewer will skim read through your grades and experience, to see if you have the minimum requirements, its the personal statement that will really sway their decision. So, how can you make sure your personal statement sees your application jump to the top of the pile? Well, here at Colbern Limited, we are leading recruitment professionals. As a result, we have produced this guide to how to create an impressive personal statement.

Our top tips for writing an effective personal statement

Creating a personal statement that really stands out is easier than you might think. Simply:

  • Re-read the job description before applying- In the job description you will see that some key phrases detail exactly what your potential employer is looking for. Find these, and then rewrite your personal statement to show how you meet these requirements, or have the necessary skills.
  • Be genuine- Don’t just copy the first generic personal statement you see online. Write your own, and use your real experience to create something that your potential employer will actually want to read. Imagine how many personal statements they will be reading through to hire the right person for this job, and make sure yours is the one that speaks genuinely.
  • Insider knowledge- if you know the industry well, and have a wealth of experience, make sure you link to relevant industry details that will help set you apart from the other applicants. However, don’t just list everything you know, or try and make it fit if it really wont, as this could have a negative impact on your application.

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