Common job interview mistakes for employers

When it comes to hosting job interviews, and searching for the right candidate, it’s important to set up an environment that’s up the task. From choosing where to host the job interview, to deciding on the type of interview that will work for your company (a one to one, a question panel, or a work based activity) there is a lot to think about. Not to mention the actual interview questions themselves. And not every company gets the interview style right. So what are the common job interview mistakes employers should avoid? Well, Colbern Limited, we are leading recruitment experts. We can help you find the perfect candidate, as well as helping potential employees find the perfect job.

What are the most common job interview mistakes for employers?

So, what are some of the common mistakes that interviewers make? And how can your company avoid these? Well, there are several, including:

  • Choosing a busy or crowded environment- conducting a job interview in a cafe or restaurant might feel like a good way to get out of the office, but if this becomes crowded or busy it can be difficult to hear your interviewees, and it can also make the experience a lot more uncomfortable.
  • Treating the interview as a social meeting- chatting informally with your potential new employees is not the best way to select the best candidate for the job. The chances are, you will choose the candidate that made the biggest impression, or the one you got along with most. This isn’t necessarily a good system for choosing high performing employees that will help your business grow.
  • Asking the wrong questions- questions like “what kind of animal would you be”, might seem like they would lead to insight into your potential employee but really they are not directly job related, and probably make your interviewees a little uncomfortable.

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