How to Keep your Staff Motivated during Christmas!

Christmas is nearly here and for some employees, this means winding down. According to a study by Office for National Statistics, research has proved that the year 2015, productivity reduced during the last quarter.

But, for companies with very tight budgets and a small workforce, it’s hard to just wind down and relax. Here at Colbern, we have put some of the best tips together in order to improve production and motivation during the next few months.

  • Look after their health and mental well-being – people are more likely to become ill as the months grow colder so one way to keep them feeling their best is to keep them active and participate in events that benefits their health and reduces their stress levels. There has been reports stating an increase among the employees when companies do this.
  • Offer flexible working hours (if possible) – this is one of the most cost effective solutions in order to motivate staff. Another study carried out found that 70% of employees said that it is important to allow them to work remotely. Give your staff targets to hit for the New Year so they can really go out with a bang.
  • Take family into consideration – if you’re not a family run business, then make sure you are family friendly. Don’t be resentful if employees have to attend any family parties as they are likely to come with the season. Your employees will appreciate it more if you take their family into consideration and will be less likely to ‘pull a sickie’.
  • Focus on their Goals – Employees workloads increase in the run up to Christmas and more than two thirds (69%) experience this in their workplace. Prioritise their tasks so you and them can enter the New Year re-energized.