Using the job description to prepare for an interview

Here at Colbern Limited, we are a professional recruitment agency. Whether you want to land your dream job, or you are in search of the perfect employee, we can help. And while we can find you the right job opportunity or opening, it’s down to you to dazzle at the interview. But why should you consider using the job description to prepare for an interview?

Consider using the job description to prepare for an interview

There are a number of reasons why using the job description can be very helpful when preparing for a job interview. These include:

  • Finding out WHO they are looking for- Throughout the job description, your potential employer will have thrown in clues and hints about the candidate they are looking for. In some cases, some employers go as far as using these particular words to make a checklist of criteria to measure you against. So these are the words they want to hear at the interview, and you don’t want to leave any ambiguity. So when you are preparing for the interview, go through the job description and pick out all those words that describe the candidate. Do they need a confident leader, or a measured risk taker? Do they need someone who thinks creatively, or someone that is a great team player? Whatever they want will be in there somewhere. It’s your job to find and remember these words, and to think about times when you have demonstrated these desired qualities, in case they ask at the interview.
  • Finding hints about the job itself- Just as with the clues about the perfect candidate, the employer will have left a lot of clues about what the job will entail. The perks and the challenges, as well as the expectations. Identifying these and being prepared to answer questions about how you will be able to handle the challenges is a great way to shine at the job interview.

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