Tips for phone interview success

top tips for the recruiting process

Here at Colbern Limited, we are leading recruitment professionals. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about succeeding at a telephone job interview.

What are the most important tips for phone interview success?

There are a number of different steps that you can take to be sure of success at a phone interview. These steps include:

  • Being committed to the interview- a telephone interview is just as important as an in person interview, and without meeting the employer to make a good first impression, a phone interview can be even more difficult. As a result, you need to take this seriously and cut out all background noise and distractions. You also need to make sure that you are well prepared. Unlike an in person job interview, when interviewing over the phone you can keep a notepad of questions nearby, and also make a note of anything important that is discussed. This can be used to help you make informed questions at the end of the interview. In addition, you should make sure to do prior research about the company and the job, so you can keep your responses informed.
  • Listen instead of talking- with a phone interview it can be easy to dominate the conversation in an effort to impress the interviewer, but it is actually more beneficial to make sure that you are listening. You should keep answers clear and concise and be sure to show active listening skills. Again a notepad nearby will help you make a note of key points so you can call back to these later.
  • Being prepared for questions- making sure you have some answers to common interview and phone interview questions can be a good way to stay calm and confident during a telephone interview, so that you can make the best impression.

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