5 Recruitment Tips

There seems to be a lot of discourse concerning recruitment agencies, a lot of them being mixed emotions and reviews. Here at Colbern, we have created a list that identifies 5 ways on how to use different recruitment agencies to your advantage.


  1. Take responsibility for yourself – recruitment agencies search for potentially suitable candidates regarding various jobs all over the country. A lot of agencies are under pressure to perform well and you are able to find consultants who are willing to give you professional advice. Take control of the situation and yourself as you will do most of the chasing!
  2. Broad exposure – upload and register your CV to many different agencies and also post it onto websites such as Indeed and Jobsite. Include a lot of search words as this will put you on the recruiters map and search for jobs yourself. Make it easy for recruiters to find you as this way they can get in touch with you quicker and easier.
  3. Don’t apply for irrelevant jobs – if you don’t fit the right criteria, don’t apply for the job. If you start applying for every job you see, you could be seen as an unfocused candidate and taken off the database.
  4. Build relationships – choose a couple of agencies that operate mainly in your area of expertise. Check in with them for updates and ask for any advice you may need but don’t hassle them too much.
  5. Partnerships – if an agency calls you back make sure you answer immediately as timing is crucial. If they offer you an interview, make sure you take it and it’s a competitive world out there and you need to make your mark. Give feedback on your interview and how it went, this way you’re building a stronger partnership with the agency and the recruiter.