Using Technology to Recruit – How and Why!

The recruitment sector of any job relies heavily on the power of technology nowadays because it tends to run faster, especially if you want quick communication and at the touch of a button, it has all of your clients details and more and more people are taking advantage day by day. It’s faster, easier and way more fun!

By using technology we can assess CV’s faster, match skills to available job vacancies and message potential clients and candidates. Below we have listed the top 3 ways on how to use technology within the recruitment sector!

Social Media

Ensure that you maintain a presence across all social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook as it provides new recruiters with a free and easy way to get in touch and apply. It has the potential to reach thousands of people. You can also keep your social media presence up to date with apps such as Hootsuite, that allows you to schedule a week’s worth of posts from just one single session. People are then being notified constantly.

Video Interviewing

If a potential candidate is already in employment, scheduling a personal meeting with them can be hard. Using video services such as Skype, you can arrange to talk with them over video and get to know them on a more personal level, and see them for more than what their CV states.

Screening CV’s

Because so many recruiting agencies nowadays are regularly frequented by CV applications, they tend to use CV screening software to reduce the list of applications down into a manageable pile. The software determines how close the match is between the CV and the job description and there is also no bias between potential candidates and someone who didn’t get the job.