How to choose the right candidate?

Hiring a new employee can pose many difficult questions. How will you know you have made the right choice based solely on a CV and an interview? How do you know what attitude to look for? There are no easy answers for any of these questions. In the modern adaptive industry environment, predictions are difficult to make and frequent changes are inevitable. However, we at Colbern Limited do have some tips and advice.

Questions to ask yourself:

When interviewing potential employees, ask yourself some of the following questions?

Is the candidate highly adaptive?

The ability to be flexible and adjust to new situations, new teams of people and new business directions is imperative. To be successful in the current work environment, your new employee will need to be adaptive. Try asking them about previous situations that demonstrate their ability to adapt.

Does the candidate ask great questions? Are they curious?

People’s enthusiasm shines through when asking questions. But what if you have a great candidate on paper, that has no questions and doesn’t seem curious? Well, it’s difficult to know that someone wants to work for you if they have no thoughts or questions of their own. Motivated and passionate candidates will show initiative and ask original questions.

Is the candidate a team player?

The ability to work as part of a team is becoming more and more important. Office relationships and cohesion supports a productive and happy work environment. If it’s important that your new employee joins a team, you don’t want to hire a lone wolf.

Are they good resource managers?

Being able to manage efficiently with a small amount of resources shows creativity and an ability to think around problems. If your new employee is going to be responsible for a budget, or if they will have to work within a resource limit, you will need to hire a resourceful person.

In summary

Choosing the right candidate is a difficult task. Establishing adaptability, curiosity, team work, and resourcefulness is important. For all your hiring and employability needs, contact us at Colbern Limited today.