Video Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are essential for potential candidates to understand the advertised role. But let’s face it, some of the job descriptions can be pretty bland. Even an interesting job can be sound dull when described in certain ways. However, you can really sell your job opportunity by using a video. Here at Colbern Limited, we are hiring experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to help you create video job descriptions.


Key to the success of your video is planning. Know what you are going to say and what message you wise to convey before you begin. This will make production easier as you will make fewer mistakes. It will also prevent incoherence in your speech and ensure that the viewers fully understand what your advertised job is about.

Be Yourself

Make sure you show a genuine and authentic video. This will attract more potential employees. Don’t lie about the staff requirements, and don’t be tempted to paint the job in a certain light. Just be honest and be yourself.

Pick your Participants

Selecting the participants that you want to show in your video is important. This is because you can have the chance to choose employees that are enthusiastic about their work. Everyone knows that enthusiasm is infectious.


Keep your video to a good length. Short and sweet is much better than long and boring. On average, people are happy to watch a 3 minute video, but will drop out early if it runs to 6-7 minutes. This is another reason planning is important, as you need to make sure you cover all the important things.

In summary

A video job description can be more appealing to potential employees than a wall of text. Plan and prepare your video to have more chance of success. In addition, you should be yourself, pick your participant wisely, and keep your video to a short length. For all your recruitment needs, contact us at Colbern Limited today.