Choosing the right candidate for your job

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Writing out job descriptions, and reading through hundreds of job applications can be a real challenge. And even after all that time and effort, you still might not land the perfect candidate. But here at Colbern Limited, we are experts at recruitment, and we have some tips to help you with choosing the right candidate for your job.

The job description

When writing out your job description, make sure you include all the skills, values, and qualities that you are looking for. This is about finding a well rounded candidate that is perfect for a role at your company, not just someone with a 2.1 degree and 2 years experience. After all, 100 people might meet your necessary requirements, but do they all really have the right work ethic, or the reliability, that you are looking for?

Filter your applications

Filter all the applications by removing those that do not meet your minimum requirements. This will save you time and effort, as you won’t even have to read the application to tick off those boxes.

Read the others

With this extra time, you can now spend more time reading through the other applicants. Filter out the applicants that haven’t read the job description, and picked up on what you are looking for. And for the ones that are left, try and establish how genuine they are.


Finally, interview the genuine candidates that meet your minimum requirements, and have also talked about the relevant skills and qualities in their personal statements, or application essays. When interviewing, look for:

  • Enthusiasm- the right candidate is the one that really wants the job
  • Genuine- finding someone that is genuine is a real gift for any company. Try and hire someone whose responses feel genuine, honest and real.
  • Body language- read the body language of your candidates and try and establish how they would interact with other employees on your team. Finding someone to glue with the rest of the department can be extremely important for team settings.

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