Creative Job interview ideas

While most job interviews will focus around the same tired questions, you might find that this just isn’t enough to help you find the perfect candidate. In fact, if you regularly find that you are needing to fill the same positions, maybe its time to consider some creative job interview ideas? Here at Colbern Limited, we are recruitment experts, and we have produced this guide to help you shake up your recruitment process.

Set tasks

If you have a job role that requires thinking outside the box, asking the same old questions wont help you discover your candidates ability. In fact, this might be one of the key reasons why your employees aren’t sticking around. Instead, why not set a task as part of the interview process? Setting a puzzle or a challenge can help your candidate demonstrate their independent problem solving ability, and helps you to establish some of their character traits.

Group activities

In the same vein, if your job role requires a key team player, or a group leader, answering the usual interview questions wont show this characteristic. Instead, set up a group task for your candidates to be assessed on their ability to be part of a team, be assertive, problem solve, and even lead others. This will give you a much better insight into their suitability to work at your company.

Watch the body language

So although tasks can be great, they wont always be appropriate for your job role. But there are other techniques you can try. For example, instead of focusing simply on what your candidate has to say, learn how to read their body language. In fact, body language can give a more accurate indicator of what your candidate really thinks, than the answers they give.

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