Hire a recruitment agency today!

Recruiting new members of staff is a challenge. It takes up a lot of your time, and it sometimes doesn’t even pay off with the right member of staff. Whether you need to advertise, or headhunt for the ideal candidate, there are no guarantees your efforts will be worth it. So why not pass the stress and the strain over to the professionals at a recruitment agency? Here at Colbern Limited we are a recruitment agency you can trust. This is our guide to why you should hire a recruitment agency today.

We are focused on you!

Finding the right candidate for the job, is the whole purpose for us here at Colbern Limited. While you might struggle to find the time between the day to day operations of the company, we are dedicated and focused on filling your vacancy with the right candidate. As a result, this is the top reason why you should hire a recruitment agency today.

We are recruitment experts

While you may know your job, your market and your company, our area of expertise is recruitment. We work with a huge range of clients in fields such as engineering, admin, social work and accounting. In addition, we work across both the private sector and local authorities. This has allowed us to develop a wealth of recruitment experience in a variety of fields.

We will handle the paperwork

Whenever a job is advertised, the paperwork can be a challenge. From CV analysis to reading through hundreds of cover letters. Here at Colbern we can take care of this. In fact, analysing CV’s and cover letters is a talent we have developed over the years. As a result, we can make sure that the people that make it to your shortlist are excellent candidates, and not just applicants.

For more information or to work with the experts here at Colbern Limited to find your perfect candidate, contact us today.