The many routes to public sector career success

Recent official figures suggest around 400,000 public sector jobs have been lost since 2010 and that another 1 million are expected to disappear over the next five years. This will come as little surprise to many local government workers. As departmental contraction and reorganisation continue to result in fewer vacancies, it’s time for employees to consider how best to advance their career in an increasingly challenging job market. If your New Year’s resolution is to improve your prospects and make your job work for you, discover below how to increase your chances of success.

Consider a lateral move

More responsibility and an enhanced pay scale aren’t the only indicators of career achievement. Many people find that a well-planned lateral move enables them to diversify their skills base and gain experience that gives them the edge when applying for more senior roles.

Use local authority recruitment agencies

These useful companies work specifically with and for the public sector and its employees. Not only will they have access to a wide range of rewarding positions, they can also offer useful intelligence regarding current skills that are in high demand, what local authorities are looking for in successful candidates, and geographical areas where there are vacancies in your area of expertise.

Don’t be afraid of temporary contracts

Many people are reluctant to consider a temporary contract in case it fails to lead to permanent employment. It’s worth noting that in the current employment environment, no job is forever and there are thousands of local authority employees who have successfully remained with the same authority for many years simply by taking on a series of time-limited contracts.

Being prepared to work flexibly and move creatively in order to broaden your marketable skills and level of experience is often the best way to achieve your long term career goals. Remember to look out for opportunities to undertake further training in order to make you a more appealing candidate. Taking some time to work with a job coach or recruitment agency can considerably enhance your future job prospects.