We help candidates and hiring organisations

At Colbern Limited, we’re a highly experienced recruitment agency with a strong track record of working with both employers and job hunters to deliver outstanding results.

Our extensive experience means we’re well used to finding talented staff across a variety of sectors, from local authority contracts in admin and secretarial roles, or in finance, benefits and housing, social work, legal and project support, to permanent positions across sectors including accountancy and engineering, among many others.

While we are able to help just about any job seeker or employer wherever they are based across the UK, our presence is particularly strong in the capital where our reputation is very well known, especially among the London Borough authorities.

We help candidates and hiring organisations find exactly what they are looking for from their next career move, in a way that offers a quick, straightforward and hassle free route to your perfect next job or employee.


We make sure we understand applicants’ full skill set, career goals in the short and long term, and that we fully appreciate what all candidates want from their next move.

With access to a very wide range of superb opportunities, we can then find the one the one that’s best for each job seeker. This means we don’t waste anyone’s time by contacting about jobs that they won’t be interested in.


It’s a similar process for hirers, with a speedy, very open process that only puts you in touch with applicants of the right calibre.

The approach is aimed at introducing employers only to the kinds of candidates they want to meet, rather than a short-term approach that would only see them having to go through the whole process again in six months’ time.

Local authorities

We fully appreciate the specific demands on local authorities when they are recruiting, at a time when most departments are facing cutbacks, so that it has never been more important to have the right people in the right jobs.

We’ll also gladly check references and follow up documentation with examining bodies and the like where specific certification or qualifications are required.

For candidates seeking a role in this sector, we can negotiate the best salary and benefits on their behalf.