Why work for a local authority? A guide to attracting applicants

When it comes to looking for a job in local government, applicants have a great deal of choice. Whether it’s secretarial work, administrative duties, social work, or anything between, local authorities provide a wealth of opportunities for applicants of all backgrounds and skill-sets.

However, it’s not just the choice of jobs that drives people to work for local authorities. There are also a whole host of other appealing factors, all of which can help to advertise your post and drive people to apply. To give you some ideas, we’ve listed a few of these below.

Making a difference

Whether it’s carrying out social work for a local authority or working as a councillor at the county council, every local authority job generally has one overall aim in mind – making life better for the people who live in the area. Of course, the same rule could be applied to the government as a whole, and in a way, this is true; the notion of serving local people, whether it’s working with benefits or voting on policy, could be seen as a noble one, and is certainly something that drives many people into working governmental jobs. Because, no matter what the job, governmental work is constantly impacting local peoples’ lives. This is certainly something that should be emphasised when attempting to attract applicants.

There’s always a demand for services

Another perk of working for a local authority is that many of the services provided are absolutely vital, and will always be in demand, creating relatively good job security. For instance, no matter who’s in power, areas such as waste management, education, and transport will always be hugely important.

Opportunities to excel

When it comes to working for a local authority, there are almost always opportunities to prove your worth and succeed as a result. No matter what the job, there will always be opportunities for management and other experts in their chosen field, ready to serve the local people.