Key attributes for successful public sector recruitment

The encouraging results of a recent survey by the Manpower Group suggest that the public sector is now in a position to begin more vigorous recruitment activity in the run-up to May’s general election. An emphasis on high-calibre, multi-skilled candidates who will add value means that would-be employees will face a tough interview and selection process before being successfully appointed. If you would relish the chance of enjoying the excellent working conditions and challenging opportunities that today’s public sector workers can expect, here are three suggestions for ways to enhance your employability in this field.

Relevant experience

One of the best ways of demonstrating your aptitude for a particular job is to prove that you are able to undertake it in a temporary role. Many public sector departments are actively looking for people to cover maternity leave or take up time limited contracts, so why not apply for one in order to increase your chances of ultimately obtaining a permanent post in a similar role?

Stay up to date

New initiatives, different ways of working and changes in governmental direction all impact significantly on the way in which the public sector works. Ensuring that you’re up to speed with relevant initiatives, opportunities and constraints that affect the public sector is vital in ensuring that you have the necessary background knowledge to shine.

Change management

Contrary to popular opinion, the public sector is constantly changing and innovating as it attempts to deliver its services in a more cost-effective, efficient manner. Being able to demonstrate the capacity to successfully implement and manage change through versatile working practices and strong transferable skills is critical in ensuring you’re the right candidate for public sector employment.

Colbern Ltd can offer a diverse range of challenging public sector positions, available on both a temporary and a permanent basis. If you would relish the opportunity to use your skills and abilities in order to assist in the modernisation and development of contemporary central and local government service provision, there are plenty of opportunities on offer that will provide the next appealing career move you’ve been looking for.