The Rise of Video Interviews

A video interview may actually be more daunting than a face to face interview. There are many positives to a video interview that employers have identified in order to connect on a personal level with candidates. Beyond just saving the cost of travel, which can be achieved by a telephone interview, video interviews can be analysed in order to ensure employing the right person for the job. Here are some tips if you’ve got a video interview on the way!

Check Your Devices

Make sure you pick a device that you are familiar and confident with as this will reflect within the interview. It’s important that the internet connection is fast and of good quality so that you can come across well and they don’t miss a point that you are trying to make. Losing signal can also become costly as you may not understand a question fully.

Setting The Scene

Although a video interview may be considered less formal, make sure that the room you are recording in is clutter free and remains plain and simple. Take yourself away from distractions such as pets, children and ringing phones. Background noise can also cause disturbance so make sure televisions and radios are switched off.

Dress Well

Although you may be having a lazy day at home avoid any casual clothing, it’s always nice to know that you’ve made an effort to look smart for your employer. It is recommended to wear plain clothing as patterned can often clash and look unprofessional on camera.

It’s important to note usual job interview advice such as speak polite, clear and confident. If you are unsure of anything, ask questions so both you and your employer feel like you’ve gained from the interview and hopefully this will help you remain positive.