Top 5 Reasons why we are a great recruitment agency!

top tips for the recruiting process

Here at Colbern, recruitment doesn’t always come easy and we understand that it’s stressful to put yourself out there to be rejected over and over again. Well, we’ve got some good news for you, we’ve listed why we’re a great recruitment agency and written the reasons why we are here to help you, further and better yourself!

Always looking at the bigger picture

When we are looking to get a position filled, we always have the ideal candidate and the company’s strategy in mind. We always make a list of your key skills when we talk to you, and even if you have all the required skills, we look further to gain a better insight in your culture and work ethics. We let you speak for yourself and make you feel included by asking questions.


We always communicate clearly what we want from you. We don’t hound you with details all at once, we only give them to you at the necessary times so you’re not overloaded with any irrelevant information.

Thinking outside the box

When highlighting all the skills that you need in order to gain a certain job, we always make sure to write about how great the company is and what is has to offer you in the long run. We always try to grasp your attention and if the company you’re looking for is flexible in any aspects, we will always let you know!


If you apply for a job that we see you aren’t right for, we will keep you in mind and discus other options and always look for other roles that would be better for you in the long run! We always want to make you feel valued and important.


As a company, we always stay on top of current and everyday trends to stay ahead of the game. We are always making improvements and thinking of ways that will have a bigger and better impact, not just for us, but for you more importantly.

We are a company that is always growing and learning, just like you.