Three myths about the do’s and don’t’s of job interviews de-bunked

So you’ve got the interview for that dream job you’ve been dying to hear back from. Congratulations! But what happens next in the recruitment process? Your friends, colleagues and the internet probably have a lot of do’s and don’t’s for job interviews. But these are the only ones you really need to know about:

1. First of all, don’t feel obligated to accept that politely offered cup of tea. Most employers will feel obliged to offer you a tea or coffee when you come in for your interview. But remember, you only have a set amount of time to impress them, and if they’re faffing around trying to find sugar and boiling a kettle, that’s eating into your precious time to wow them. They probably are doing interviews back to back all day, meaning there really is no time to waste. So do yourself a favour and say no to that politely offered cuppa.

2. A lot of people say that the key to a successful interview is ensuring you keep your answers succinct and to the point. But just think, why exactly are you here? Surely your potential new employer wants to know about your personality, your interests, even your sense of humour, to see how you might fit in to the office environment or the dynamics of the prospective company. So indulge a little in your answers; be friendly but not overly familiar, and make sure you don’t reveal anything too personal – your rocky relationship with your ex, how much your hated your last boss, et cetera – that might jeopardise your chances.

3. And finally, some might call it rude to ask about the specifics of when you would expect to hear an answer by, or how many other applicants the recruiter might be interviewing. Cast your fears aside and feel free to make sure you know when you’ll have your answer. Make sure you ask at the end of the interview when you are invited to ask questions, so that you don’t seem too keen. Some would call it rude, but it’s important for your peace of mind to know exactly when you’ll be hearing back, and also to show the employer that you really are excited and enthusiastic about your potential new job. And don’t forget to relax, smile and enjoy the experience as much has you can! Good luck!