Five recruitment trends for 2016

The recruitment industry is constantly evolving, meaning companies, as well as candidates, need to be mindful of the latest trends as we move into 2016. Here we pick out five practices you are likely to see more of this year:

1. The value of video

The ability of videos to engage will be exploited by more companies this year, as they switch on to the brand benefits that comes with a well produced piece of film. Firms aiming to project their company image to potential candidates via film will find it easier to grab their attention, while leaving an impression of a modern, forward-thinking organisation.

2. An emphasis on innovation

Companies such as Google and Apple have led the way for innovative products over the last few years, thanks in no small part to their dedication to recruiting employees with the ability to be creative. Recruiting new members of a workforce that are capable of innovating can potentially save a firm huge sums, as they are able to save on fees paid to creative agencies by looking within for inspiration.

3. More attention on the hiring process

Companies that don’t run a smooth hiring process and could treat candidates better than they do will walk a tightrope in 2016. Research shows that not paying due attention to the way candidates are looked after during interviews and through recruitment procedures can lead to a company developing a bad reputation and even taking a sales hit in the long run. For this reason, watch out for companies showing more diligence to their recruitment activity in 2016, leaning on recruitment specialists for support and advice.

4. Hire data is gold dust

Looking at candidates employed during 2015 and comparing performance with the common characteristics they displayed during the recruitment process will pay dividends in 2016, and allow companies to increase return on investment from their recruitment outlay. Analysing data from recruitment processes is just as important as in any other areas of a business, and guided by recruitment experts, it’s something firms will do more of this year.