Online behaviour while job hunting

At Colbern, we provide our candidates with relevant support and advice to help their journey through the recruitment process. One particular area of interest we have picked up from industry research is how more employers are now checking on a candidate’s online presence and their social media activity when considering a job offer.

According to the latest studies, over half of business owners will Google a candidate’s name to see what information comes up – equally, they will correlate an applicant’s CV against their professional entries on networks such as LinkedIn, to check for any inaccuracies in the employment history. In fact, the latest research shows that only 1 in 5 decision makers don’t actively search candidates online.

Employers are now examining the social profiles of applicants; checking any images associated with them and viewing any public commentary on blogs or social forums. It should come as no surprise therefore, that inappropriate language on Twitter or an ill-judged picture on Instagram or Facebook can potentially reduce the chances of a job offer. Hiring decisions can even be affected by the physical appearance of a candidate in their profile picture! The reason business owners are looking online is to determine a number of character and personality traits. Does the candidate’s profile demonstrate any personal values such as integrity or ethics? Are there any posts which may highlight concerns about the individual? Are the applicants engaged or affiliated with any extreme organisations or attitudes?

On the flip side however, candidates who demonstrate a passion online can enhance their job prospects. Employers like to see individuals highlight their achievements (albeit modestly) and any display of clear thinking and reasoned debate on social media can also have a positive impact towards securing a job.

As an experienced recruitment agency, we help our candidates with this important and highly-sensitive area, showing candidates what constitutes both positive and negative online behaviour when in the recruitment process.