Three reasons why you should hire a recruitment agency

When you need to replace a member of staff, or introduce a new role within your business, the first decision you need to make is how to recruit the best candidates. You could advertise and headhunt yourself, or you could hire a team of experts to take over the search. Using a recruitment agency not only leaves senior management free to concentrate on running the company: it’s a great opportunity to benefit from specialist skills rarely found in-house.

Colbern is a highly reputable recruitment agency that successfully matches the right people to all manner of posts, and here are just three of the reasons why.

1. You have our full attention

Filling a vacancy may be one of your priorities, but the day-to-day running of the company will inevitably cause distractions and delays to the recruitment process. At Colbern, putting the right people in the right jobs is the sole purpose of our business.

2. We know your market

Colbern specialises in an incredibly broad range of areas, including legal, engineering, administration, accounting, social work, secretarial and project management. We work extensively with local authorities and the private sector for both contract and permanent positions all over the country. Our contacts and experience mean we know where to look for the best candidates, and how to secure them for your shortlist.

3. We can tell the difference between an applicant and a candidate

The Colbern team know how to accurately evaluate CVs in order to sort the overly confident from the truly capable. We know when an applicant is trying to pretend to be the employee you want; and we know when they’re revealing genuine ability and aptitude. All the names on our shortlists have real potential to be the right fit for your vacancy.

To find out more about how Colbern can make recruitment a positive experience, contact a member of our team today.