The importance of your interview clothes

When it comes to a job interview, there are so many pieces of advice that it can get confusing knowing which ones to follow. However, one timeless tip for people attending an interview is to make sure they look the part. Job interview clothing options are universally regarded as something to consider before turning up, no matter what job you are trying to land. And here at Colbern Limited, we are recruitment experts. So just how important are your interview clothes?

Making a positive impression

Attending a job interview is your chance to show who you really are in person. While the interviewer may have some preconceived notions about you, based on your CV and application, they probably haven’t met you before. So you need to make a positive, lasting impression. And the first thing that will effect this impression are your interview clothes. Turning up to a job interview suited and booted can make all the difference when they decide who to hire. And the person who is clean, smart and tidy will make a better impression than the candidate in jeans and a t-shirt.

Interview clothing tips for men

So, if you have a job interview, what should you wear? Well, here are some tips:

  • professional suit and tie- no cartoon ties or bizarre colours though, keep it plain and simple
  • ironed shirt- make sure you iron your shirt for an interview, you need to look your best
  • smart shoes
  • clean hands and nails

Interview clothing tips for women

For women the tips are mostly the same, except:

  • if you decide to wear a skirt or dress, make sure it is an appropriate length
  • limit the amount of jewelry. Too much can be distracting, and some workplaces don’t allow jewelry at all
  • if you wear nail polish, make sure it is neutral for your job interview

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