Job interview questions for employers to avoid

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Here at Colbern Limited, we are leading recruitment specialists. We work with companies looking for their perfect staff, and job hunters looking to secure their dream job. And this is our guide to help employers avoid the worst of the interview questions.

What are the most important job interview questions for employers to avoid?

While you may be interviewing candidates to fill your latest vacancy, it may surprise you to know that your company and business is also being judged by the potential employees too. As such, you might want to avoid these irritating and out of touch interview questions:

  • Tell me about yourself- this is a lazy way to start a job interview. In front of you is a candidate you have likely read the CV or job application from, and perhaps even googled or looked them up on LinkedIn too. So why not use what you have found out and ask a more tailored question related to their job experience or educational achievements?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years time?- at the time of asking this question I can guarantee that any interviewee is just trying to get through the next 10-20 minutes of interview process. And they most definitely won’t give you an honest answer. Any of your potential employees could have personal plans or travel plans, but these wont be relevant to the job. And the likelihood of disclosing real 5 year plans, if any exist, is slim to none. This means that you’ll likely end up with a standard answer about working hard, being promoted and contributing to the company. Maybe this is what you’re looking for, but to get to any depth behind this plan, you’ll need to consider phrasing this question a different way.
  • What is your biggest weakness- this is another outdated question that is better off avoided. For one thing, it’s highly unlikely that your potential employee will answer truthfully, and honestly who can blame them! So why set up an interview where lying to your boss is a good idea? This simply sets a bad precedent.

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