Getting your CV to the top of the pile

Here at Colbern Limited, we are leading recruitment specialists. We work with companies looking for their perfect staff, and job hunters looking to secure their dream job. And this is our guide to help you ensure your CV lands you the job.

Important tips for getting your CV to the top of the pile

To make sure that your CV lands directly in the top of the pile, there are a number of things you should consider. These include:

  • Using a PDF format- a PDF format is often asked for and required by companies and businesses when applying. However, many applicants miss this piece of information and subsequently the application is not viewed at all. You could be missing out on job interviews if you don’t store your CV in a PDF format.
  • Short and sweet- while it might mean cutting out some details, a one page CV is generally better than a long and rambling one. Your prospective employers want to be able to skim read this document quickly and evaluate your potential for the job. As a result, you should make this easy for them by using bullet points where possible and categorizing content with subheadings.
  • Keep it relevant- while looking for content to cut from your CV in order to keep this short, you should focus on relevancy for the job. Some of your qualifications or experience simply may not apply to the job at all, and if its possible, you can cut this content to ensure that your CV streamlines your qualities for this particular job. Of course, this isnt always possible. If your degree for example is not relevant to the field, be sure to write about it in a way that highlights the transferable skills you acquired.

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