What do companies want from your personal statement?

When it comes to creating you CV, the most complicated part is often seen as the personal statement. This is essentially a tiny paragraph to sum up your worth to potential employees. So no pressure! As a result, its not surprising that the personal statement is incredibly daunting ad can put off many people from creating an original CV for each job application. But it shouldn’t. And here at Colbern Limited, we know how to create a personal statement to dazzle employers. That’s why we have produced this guide to answer the question, what do companies look for in a personal statement?

What is a personal statement?

Although it might sound like it, this section of the CV does not want you to list your hobbies or your interests. Or talk about things that matter to you personally. Instead, they are looking for a couple of sentences that sum up your qualities and skills, in relation to their specific job. This means that for every job you apply for, you should be tailoring your personal statement to match.

What do companies want from your personal statement?

Companies are looking for:

  • personal statements that include the specific qualities and skills they outlined in their job description- this shows that not only did you read the full description, but you took the time to craft a CV to match. So you will be worth their time to interview.
  • genuine applications- a genuine personal statement will relate directly to your own experience in different job roles, or education, and prove that you are not simply rattling off a list of industry buzzwords that you think might be impressive.
  • job specific or industry specific knowledge
  • a personal statement that links the job description to your own experience

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