Prepare for a remote job interview

While many of us have been stuck inside for the past few months, some businesses have opted to continue remote working for the foreseeable future. And this has meant a rise in remote job interviews. These can feel very different to a traditional face to face job interview. So how can you prepare for a remote job interview? Well, here at Colbern Limited, we are leading recruitment specialists. We work with companies looking for their perfect staff, and job hunters looking to secure their dream job. And this is our guide to help you succeed with your remote job interview.

How to prepare for a remote job interview:

  • Prepare your space- a dedicated space to work can show that you are ready and prepared for the remote working lifestyle. And it also shows that you are organised and committed to this type of job role. Remember that your potential employers and those interviewing you may only see one small section of your space, but this needs to reflect your commitment to remote working.
  • Dress to impress- while it might not feel like a typical job interview, the dress code rules can still be important to follow. Dressing smartly and professionally can help to give the best possible impression, even through a screen.
  • Learn about the company- make sure you put some effort into learning a little bit about the company, so you can ask intelligent questions and have great answers prepared for some of the questions you might be asked.
  • Prepare the hardware and software- make sure you have the right app, or an account with the right video software company so that you are all set up and ready for the meeting, in advance.

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